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After quite a long time I finished my new personal project
This project has even started to Improve my Hard Surface Skills and textured
Made in 3ds max,textured in Mari2.0, render in V-ray3.0 and post production in PS

Bondok max fb984a20967777 575acb598e155
Bondok max a13c3820967777 575acb598f7ab
Bondok max a076ee20967777 575acb598ef0d
Bondok max 0a97c020967777 575acb598e608
Bondok max ee705020967777 562f4238d1033
Bondok max 933f6d20967777 562f4238da36e
Bondok max 3ab3f620967777 56ddf3546f86e
Bondok max 23c70420967777 56ddf3546f178
Bondok max 95dfdd20967777 562f4238df3bd